Registration for the 2023/2024 academic year will open on May 5th at 4pm at

Completion of the registration form and returning a signed contract will confirm a child’s place in the pre-school programme.


Information for the 2023/2024 academic year

10 groups in Estonian and 2 groups in English will be opened, with a maximum group size of 16 children. Tallinn English College pre-school is designed to prepare children aged 6-7 for school. The tuition for the pre-school is paid by parents in monthly installments, which are fixed irrespective of the number of days of pre-school during the month. Please let your preschool teacher know of an absence by 10.00 a.m. on the day of the lessons through Stuudium. In a case of a child's illness, the missed days can be reimbursed to the parents if the child has been absent due to illness for two consecutive weeks in one month and the parent has notified the pre-school teacher of the absence in advance via Stuudium and has sent a request for the reimbursement to the pre-school coordinator.

In the event of early termination of the contract, please send a digitally signed application to the pre-school coordinator using the school’s official form 30 days in advance (see contract p 4/2). We would like to remind all parents that parking and stopping in front of the school building is not allowed for the safety of the children and students of Tallinn English College.

There will be a parents' meeting at the end of August. The information about the location, date and time will be sent to all registered parents by e-mail in August.

Pre-school will take place once a week for two and half hours on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. The parents can choose the day of the pre-school programme while registering. Both groups start at 3 p.m. Please provide your child with a small snack. Through inquiry-based activities the students will develop their creativity, memory, logical, flexible and independent thinking and listening skills. Furthermore, children will learn to be considerate of others, take responsibility and initiative, and develop an adequate self-image. In language sessions, the children will learn to read and write, to express themselves clearly and to ask questions. In maths, the children will calculate, compare and group objects and phenomena; they will recognise and identify geometric shapes, understand the concept of time, and develop spatial reasoning. In music and movement, they will hone their fine and gross motor skills. In the pre-school programme, children will practise and refine their self-management skills, and take part in many creative, physical and music-related activities.

The first day of pre-school will take place in the second week of September 2023, according to the day and time chosen by the parents. The children will gather outside the front door of the school. In order to prevent the spread of viruses and to ensure safety, parents are not allowed to enter the school building. Only children who are in good health can attend the pre-school session. Anyone with signs of illness (cough, cold, sore throat or headache) will be sent home to prevent the spread of viruses.

There are no lessons during school holidays and public holidays. The calendar for school holidays is available here.

Pre-school takes place until the start of the school holidays in April. The final pre-school days are on April 16th/17th 2024. Any changes to the timetable will be communicated via Stuudium. Please keep an eye on Stuudium.

Please ensure that your child has the following supplies for pre-school: 2 ordinary pencils, a rubber, coloured pencils, felt-tip pens, a glue stick and scissors. Children must wear indoor shoes inside the school.

Completion of the pre-school programme does not give any advantages over other applicants when applying to Grade 1 in Tallinn English College. Admission to Grade 1 takes place according to the Tallinn English College’s admission policy.

Pre-school monthly fee is 52 euros.

Piret Länts
Pre-school coordinator