Student life

The College Enquirer

The College Enquirer (also known as Enqu to its writers and friends) has been the newspaper of Tallinn English College for the past 12 years. It is published in A4 format, although it has also been published in A3 format to give a more authentic look. Enqu’s long-term vision is to start publishing it on the Internet.

Enqu is not just a newspaper, it is also a voice for our students’ ideas, opinions and needs. It came 2nd in 2003 and 2004 at the school newspapers’ contest and it has a circulation of 350 copies that is sold out every time, which proves that both the looks and the contents of the paper is meritorious. Without Enqu life would be just boring! In addition to covering school events, every Enqu contains an interview with an alumnus who is reminiscing his or her school times, the legendary parallel forms contest called ABBA and teachers’ Brainwars, interesting experiments and fashion. The most popular part of the paper is the back cover, on which Juta Moor keeps an eye on students’ lovelife and where everyone can find out the favourite sayings and lines of our teachers.

Enqu’s editor-in-chief is Helen Savason and deputy editor is Kristjan Kimmel. TEC’s student life is covered by Silvia Tänav, Beatrice Rahlin, Kaidi Sander, Heti-Maria Vilu, Mihkel Schamardin and Anneli Kuldkepp. The paper is compiled by Kethmar Salumets. Comments, messages and contributions are more than welcome at: