School library

Open: Mon-Fri 9 am to 5 pm
Every second Thursday of the month: 8 am to 3 pm
Phone: 6271108

Library on Facebook

You can use the online catalogue RIKS to search for publications available at TEC library.

If you wish to reserve a publication, you will need to contact the library by e-mail or phone.

Library facilities and services:

  • WiFi, free of charge
  • Laptop for use on premises
  • Printing and photocopying. You will need to have an ID-Card to use this service, and to have made an electronic payment. Instructions: Printing and photocopying

You can access Research Paper Instructions and Academic Honesty Policy HERE.

The library is a home to our mascot, Tikster, whose main job is to infect the students with a desire to read.

Library rules

When visiting the library, I will remember to:

  • Respect the creative work atmosphere
  • Enter the library calmly
  • Talk and move about quietly
  • Not disturb other students and teachers

Finding books

TEC library online catalogue RIKS

If you cannot find a book in TEC library, or you wish to borrow it from a library that is closer to your home, then there are three other catalogues you may search:

  • National Library of Estonia Tallinn site Online Catalogue ESTER
  • Estonian Ministry of Culture sponsored online catalogue URRAM
  • Estonian Children’s Literature Centre online catalogue RIKS