Important information

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School food

Daily costs in Afterschool meal are 1,56 €. Possibility is to make settlements for next month.
Due to the increase in the price of raw materials, the price of a afterschool meal from the new school year is 1,56 euro.

Afterschool meal for february:

Afterschool meal (13 days) - 20,28 euro

Payment deadline is 06.02.2023.

PS! Since there was no long-day catering on Friday, 27.01, those who have paid for the month of January, please deduct the cost of 1 day of food from the February month payment.

Payment for afterschool food should be made to:
bank account EE291010220273600227

For explanation please write child´s name and class.
The student will be taken off from the list of food recipients on the next day after noticing.

Opening times
Cafeteria 9AM-4PM (cafeteria on a break 11:30-11:45, 12:50-13:05)
Dining Hall:
Breakfast 7.45-8.30 AM
Lunch 10.50-11.30 ; 11.45-12.30
Staff 12.30-13.00


Timetable for the whole school changes five times a year due to study periods.

School uniform

Spring ordering period for the school uniform is 01.05-25.06.2023. Orders will be sent to the parcel machine from August 2023.

Autumn ordering period is 01.09 - 20.09.2023. Orders will be sent to the parcel machine from November 2023.

School uniform pre-ordering website CLICK HERE

E-shop is open all year round to order school uniform CLICK HERE


2022/2023 school-year holidays

1st holiday October 22 - October 30, 2022
2nd holiday December 22, 2022 - January 08, 2023
3rd holiday February 27 - March 05, 2023
4th holiday April 24 - 30 April, 2023
5th holiday (summer break) June 16 - August 31, 2023

School lockers

Since August 2019, Tallinn English College has joined the system! A total of 112 school lockers have been installed. The dimensions of the cabinets are as follows: height 44cm x width 30cm x depth 52cm / volume 67.5 liters (4 cabinets are 2x higher in height).

Ordering and additional information:

Extended day

Extended day starts on September 4th.

Registration will be open from 04.09, through Stuudium

Extracurricular activities

Extracurricular activities for 2021/2022

Timetable for extracurricular activities

Traditional events
The following events have traditionally been held at the school:

September 1st assemblies
Autumn concert
Whole school hiking day
Director's reception for the best students, athletes and their parents
Autumn exhibition for PYP
Grandparents' Day
Teachers' Day
Freshman's week Father's Day
Christmas parties
Concert at Kaarli Church
Valentine's Day
TIK Inspire conference
Celebration of independence day
Mother Tongue Day
Spring ball
Final bell
Basketball tournament
Mother's Day concert
Graduation ceremonies
Sports days in autumn, winter and spring
Sports competitions

Should you have any questions please contact to Kadri Ruut or via studium.

Student card

Student cards can be ordered through the school secretary, either through Stuudium or by sending an e-mail to

A new ticket can be ordered only if the current one is lost or does not work.

Ordered ticket will arrive to the school within about 7 working days.
PYP students will get their card from homeroom teacher, MYP and G1-G3 students will receive a message in Stuudium and can collect their card from the secretary desk.
From 01.09.2020 no fee will be charged for tickets ordered through the school.

The eStudent card is valid until the end of the validity period indicated on the card, but not longer than until the end of the school level or when the student changes school.

eStudent card will be used to register for school lunch, can be used to validate in public transport (only and to enter the school building.