Extended day

Extended day starts on September 2nd

Registration will be open from 02.09, through Stuudium

Morning group is open from 8.15 AM to 9 AM and is meant for grades 1-4.
Morning group new fee 1,15 EUR per hour starting from 25.08.2021.

Evening group -- 1.30 PM to 4 PM -- for grades 1-2.

Evening group 1.30 PM to 4 PM, new fee 1,15 EUR per hour starting from 10.05.2019 (Tallinn Education Department directive no HA-4/32). If the child's day ends earlier at 12.25, then extended day evening group is from 12.30-4.00PM.

Payments per invoice. Invoice will be forwarded by Tallinn City Education Department based on last months attendance.

For your child to attend the extended day, please fill in registration through Stuudium: Other-> Registration-> "Pikapäevarühma registreerimine 2022/23.õa / Extended day registration for 2022/23"

Direct link for registration: Extended day registration (direct link works only when logged in to Stuudium!)


8.15 - 9.00 free activities (drawing, playing, preparation for studies) and getting ready for the school day
13.20 - 14.00 study time (homework) and silent reading
14.00 - 14.20 lunch
14.20 - 15.45
Monday - brain teasers and arts and crafts
Tuesday - games, reading and arts and crafts
Wednesday - games and arts and crafts
Thursday - games and arts and crafts
Friday - silent reading and reading out loud, arts and crafts
15.45-16.00 getting the classroom in order

Information regarding extended day meals can be found on the school website .