School food

Daily costs in Afterschool meal are 1,56 €. Possibility is to make settlements for next month.
Due to the increase in the price of raw materials, the price of a afterschool meal from the new school year is 1,56 euro.

Afterschool meal for October (specified 28.09):

Afterschool meal (15 days) - 23.40 euros (05.10 PP no catering. Those who have already managed to pay for an extra day, please deduct one overpaid day from the next month's payment or contact the canteen ( for a refund of the advance payment).

Payment deadline is 06.10.2022.

Payment for afterschool food should be made to:
bank account EE291010220273600227

For explanation please write child´s name and class.
The student will be taken off from the list of food recipients on the next day after noticing.

Opening times
Cafeteria 9AM-4PM (cafeteria on a break 11:30-11:45, 12:50-13:05)
Dining Hall:
Breakfast 7.45-8.30 AM
Lunch 10.50-11.30 ; 11.45-12.30
Staff 12.30-13.00

To see the weekly menu, klick HERE