1st grade PYP IB admission

PYP IB Year 1 Admission for 2022/2023 School Year

Admission to PYP form 1 (English stream) will be based on the assessment of learning readiness and need for study support, and language level of students with the Estonian citizenship.

3.1.1. As a first priority, children of the employees of foreign diplomatic missions and consular authorities and representations of international organisations, and based on agreements, children of specialists who are foreign nationals and who start working in Estonia can apply to year 1 of the IB PYP study group of TEC.
Also, those children of Estonian citizens whose parents work in diplomatic positions and/or who have studied at an IB school or an international school abroad for at least two years due to the fact that one of their parents worked or works abroad in accordance with a written confirmation of the employer can apply.

*Please upload a current confirmation letter from your employer not employment contract.

*Only children who will turn 7 by October 2022 at the latest can apply for admission to the 1st grade.

TEC admission policy 2022/2023 HERE. Please read our admission policy.

The language of instruction in the IB PYP is English based on CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) methodology. Further information on IB PYP at

Registration begins February 01 at 4PM at
Registration ends February 28 at 4PM.

*Please upload a current confirmation letter from your employer not employment contract.

The tests will take place at school on April 25 according to the timeslot the applicant's parent has chosen.

Results will be published by logging in to the page
Use the password you received during registration and the e-mail address provided to log in.