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Vastuvõtt põhikooli 2.-8. klassi toimub vabade õppekohtade olemasolu korral 2 korda aastas. Vaheklassi kandideerimiseks palume uue õppeaasta 1. poolaastal liitumiseks avalduse esitada läbi registreerimissüsteemi hiljemalt 15. juuniks (õppetöö algus septembris) või 2. poolaastal liitumiseks 15. detsembriks (õppetöö algus jaanuaris). Kui soovitud klassis vabaneb õppekoht, võetakse vanematega ühendust.
Vastuvõttu 9.klassi ei toimu.
Gümnaasiumi vastuvõtt toimub märtsis, info lisatakse jaanuaris kooli kodulehele (õppetöö korraldus ja vastuvõtt).

Eestikeelsesse vaheklassi registreerimise vorm: VAJUTA SIIA.

Vastuvõtukord SIIN

Student vacancies registration for forms 2-8 for IB programme in PYP and MYP

Admission to basic school’s 2-8th grade takes place twice a year in case of vacancies. In order to apply for a place, please submit an application throuh the registration system below by June 15 (start of school in September) or by December 15 (start of school in January). Should a vacancy arise, parents will be notified accordingly. There is no admission to 9th grade. Admission to upper-secondary school is separate; more information is provided in February on the school webpage.

The International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme in Tallinn English College (TEC) is primarily meant for the children of foreign diplomatic missions and consular posts and international organizations’ (WHO, NATO etc) staff, specialists contractually working in Estonia. Likewise, children of Estonian nationals whose parent is in a diplomatic post and/or who have been studying abroad at an IB school or international school because one of their parents was or is employed, according to a written statement, in a foreign country.

The registration form for student vacancies for PYP and MYP classes can be found CLICK HERE

Admission policy HERE