Adventure Sphere Europe

The Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) programme Europe for Citizens.

The project was implemented by the Baltic office of the German Konrad- Adenauer-Stiftung e.V., the Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology of the University of Latvia and the Estonian Jaan Tönisson Institute. Next to the three main partners, key stakeholders such as the ministries of education, relevant NGOs, and local as well as German experts and teachers from different schools including Tallinn English College contributed to the success of the project.

The project pursued two objectives. The first objective was to design a booklet “Adventure Sphere Europe” for teachers that illustrates didactic ways of creatively and innovatively presenting the basic knowledge on the functioning of the European institutions and European history, idea and values. The second objective was to achieve better joint understanding between the groups and reach greater societal cohesion in a united Europe. As the booklet has also been translated into Latvian, Estonian ( “Avastusretk Euroopasse”) and Russian language, it ultimately also contributes to a better understanding and the development of common perceptions regarding the EU across normally separated ethnic/national groups.