Rediscover Real European Values

Project blog:

Projekti pikkus: kaks aastat
Sihtgrupp: põhikool
Osalevad riigid: Rumeenia, Itaalia(2 kooli), Hispaania, Eesti, Türgi, Küpros, Norra, Holland ja Prantsusmaa

The project "Rediscover Real European values” will focus on helping children rediscover and understand the main ethical and traditional values which stayed at the basis of the formation of the European civilization such as: honesty, respect, generosity, tolerance, kindness, family, heroism, courage, education, respect for traditions, protecting the environment. Thus, the children, teachers and parents will develop new competences in the field of cultural awareness, along with skills, knowledge and attitudes that will make them appreciate these values and will increase their sense of initiative to make active these values during their lifetime, by this developing a feeling of European consciousness.
The project will have a motto:” By rediscovering Real European values we rediscover ourselves and we become better persons and better citizens of the future Europe”. It will also have a mascot created by pupils and chosen after a selection contest.During the 2 years of the project, there will be developed a variety of activities organized on the following topics: Cultural values, Ethical values, Historical values, Educational values, Sustainable development values and a number of end products will be made up among which we can mention: a website, a journal-blog of the project, a "treasure chest" with things which are most representative for the traditions of each country, an E-twin space, PPT presentations, handicrafts from recycling materials, booklets,etc.We intend to use frequently ICT and Multimedia tools. The project activities are intended to be cross-curicular and integrated in the school curriculum, thus enriching the flexibility and interest for different school subjects but at the same time we will develop some of the activities in an after-school programme.