Learning is Fabulous: Euroopean School

Total duration : 2013- 2015
Agreement number : 2013-0018-COM06-PA-33
Comenius multilateral partnership

Participating schools : * Tallinn English College – Estonia
* Colegio Internatcional Sek Alboran – Spain
* Platon IB World school – Greece
* International Baccalaureate School No 5288, Middle Years Programme – Poland
* XV. Gimnazija - Croatia
* Istanbul Beykent School - Turkey

LIFES is focused on 3 major goals:

1) Ethical focus

Various activities will help students to discover and understand the main ethical and traditional values that have served as the basis of European society such as : education, family, honesty, heroism, the sustainable lifestyle, respect for traditions, protecting the environment etc. The project will have a motto created in collaboration with the partner schools as well as a mascot designed by students and chosen after a selection contest. A great number of final products will be made up such as: a web site, a journal - blog of the project, „Poetry Book “ of culturally most significant poets of each country (translated and illustrated by students), different PPT presentations, scientific researches, booklets, films etc. We also intend to use many different ICT and multimedia tools to introduce students with the wide range of them.

2) Academic focus

During the 2 years of the project, there will be developed a variety of activities based on 8 different subjects taught at school: mother tongue, literature, history, science (chemistry, maths , physics), physical education, visual arts, music, geography. Students will carry out researches and many other different activities in order to find out more about their own country and culture as well as introduce it to the students from other countries. These activities enable them as individual learners to reflect and assess themselves from unusual angle.

3) IB MYP level teachers/students collaboration

As though the project is focused on united activities of European IB schools it will give a a marvellous opportunity for IB teachers to exchange their experiences and methodology. One of the major targets of the project is to help the children, teachers and parents to develop new competences in the field of cultural awareness, along with skills, knowledge and attitudes that will make them appreciate this value.,B y developing a feeling of European consciousness we will be able to increase the sense of initiative to make and keep this value active during the participants` lifetime Contacts with peers from other countries and having different educational activities together will broaden their minds , raise tolerance and knowledge of modern Europe The young people are influenced mostly by what they see and hear on television or in the street, and these situations are not always of highest quality. So, the project intends to offer them an alternative , thus by rediscovering different subjects taught at school from a new angle. Some extra academic focus will add to the idea of learning to be not just a „must“ but also fun .The students will be involved to think and act on their own , original way to find possible solutions to multiple unsolved mysteries offered by the project which means dealing with different subjects taught at school from thought provoking and creative,unusual or undiscovered/ forgotten aspects. As though peers of age 14-15 tend to lose interest towards school the activities offered by the project may help to provoke some extra interest in subjects taught at at school